Why Choose Beyond Just Buckled, Inc. For A CPS Inspection Service?

Parents & caregivers want the best for their children. Especially when it comes to safety. Beyond Just Buckled's one-on-one service is a great way for parents and caregivers to have their child's seat inspected when it's convenient for them!
Our clients don't have to worry about finding the next seat check event nearest them or traveling extended distances to get to one. This is especially convenient for expecting mothers.  It's a more personalized option offering flexible hours, evening appointments, and weekend appointments.
All inspections are performed by Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians who volunteer their time, further emphasizing their commitment to the safety of our traveling youth. The President and Founder of Beyond Just Buckled has been certified since 2008 and has since dedicated herself to improving the resources in our area for CPS. Enthusiastically and professionally. Combined, our team has over 30 years experience in checking car seats.

Why Pay Or Donate For This Service When Fire Stations & Law Enforcement Agencies Offer It For Free?

Many Child Passenger Safety programs have been shut down due to the economy. In fact, Beyond Just Buckled, Inc. is the only agency of it's kind in Okaloosa County. As of April 2015, there are NO CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS at any of Okaloosa County's Fire Departments or Law Enforcement Agencies. Most of Beyond Just Buckled's clients receive same day or next day appointments and however much instructional time they need to feel comfortable and confident about buckling their child(ren) up. 

Why Should I Have My Car Seat Inspected?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3 out of 4 car seats are used incorrectly and crashes are the leading cause of death for children from 3 to 14 years old. This is especially true in the Florida panhandle. Car seat installation can be overwhelming and confusing. Car seat technology is the fastest changing market besides computers. You and your child will make hundreds of thousands of trips. By having your child's car seat inspected by a certified technician, you will gain the most recent CPS information and the basic foundation to be able to safely buckle your child up for every one of those trips.

What Should I Expect When I Have My Child's Seat Inspected By Beyond Just Buckled?

During our inspections, we will fill out a checklist form that includes your car seats manufacturer number and date. The completed form will be scanned and emailed to you for your records. We will check your seat(s) for recalls using the latest recall list and advise you of any hazards, unregulated products, and/or misuses observed. We will also demonstrate proper installation and guide you with your installation until you feel comfortable and confident. WE DO NOT INSTALL CAR SEATS. We are here to help parents and caregivers learn the ins and outs of their specific vehicle and child restraint to be able to buckle their child in properly & on their own. Also during the inspection, we will review car seat selection appropriate for your child’s age, size, and review factors affecting proper use, as well as, discuss the next steps for each child, such as when to move to the next type of car seat. We will check the expiration date of the seat and go over proper seat positions in your vehicle.

Do You Recommend Any Car Seats?

Because of the diversity of every child, caregiver, vehicle & budget, we do not recommend any particular brand or model of car seat. We will, however, be happy to discuss our client's needs and situations so that they can make an informed decision that's best for them. You can also visit NHTSA's Ease of Use page by clicking HERE.

Should I Use The Seat Belt, LATCH, or Both? Which One Is Safer?

Neither the seat belt or LATCH is "safer". Both provide sufficient protection as long as they are used correctly. Never use LATCH anchors AND the seat belt to secure your child's car seat. The top tether should be used regardless of a LATCH or seat belt install unless instructed otherwise in the owner's manual.

What Are Florida Car Seat Laws?

In addition to being "legal" we also want you child to ride as safe as possible. State laws are, more often than not, only made up of bare minimums. As of January 2015:  A child restraint device must be used until the child’s 6th birthday.
                        A car seat with harnesses must be used until the child’s 4th birthday. (A booster seat cannot be used with a child that is 3 and under.)
                        A car seat or a booster seat can be used for children age 4 and 5. However a car seat is preferred if the child is under 40 pounds.
Click HERE to view CPS laws for any state.

Does Beyond Just Buckled Give Free Car Seats?
Thanks to public donations and grants, we are able to provide our client's with a car seat at a deep discount if they are otherwise unable to obtain one. There is a limited supply and the cost is $25.

My Child's School or Daycare Can Really Benefit From Some CPS Help. Does Beyond Just Buckled Teach Classes Geared Towards Parents/Caregivers & Kids?

Yes! We LOVE helping educate others about the importance of car seat safety! Just send us an email or call to schedule.

Does Beyond Just Buckled Accept Credit Cards?

We do! Any time. Any where. With Intuit's GoPayment.
*There is a 1.7% fee added on for this service.

How can I tell if a car seat is expired?

There are several indicators. There is always an expiration date on the seat. It could be a sticker or embedded into the plastic on the seat somewhere. This is usually done on the backside or underneath of the child restraint. If there are missing stickers, that's a good indication that the seat is expired or at least very old and used. (therefore, potentially dangerous for use unless history of the restraint is known) Manufacturers also have a good set of expiration time frames for their seats. For some, it's 5 years. Others; ten. You can always call the manufacturer or check their website for recall and expiration information. Be sure to have the model number and seat's manufacture date (usually found on a sticker on the restraint)handy if possible.

What do I do with an expired car seat?

If you do not donate it to a tech for teaching/demonstration purposes, be sure to destroy the seat completely. Cut straps, drill holes, run it over...but make sure it is beyond recognition so that others do not "shop around" for seat parts to make their own creation. There are also recycling facilities around the US and recycling events (Toys R Us) that you can check for in your local area.

Is it safe to use a previously used car seat?

There are several risks involved when selling/loaning out or buying/using a previously loved car seat. It is not recommended to use a secondhand seat if you DO NOT know the history of the seat. Use the following questions as a guide: Has it been in an accident? Has it been recalled? If so, has the recall been addressed and remedied? Is the seat expired? For more information please visit The Car Seat Lady's Post on the subject.
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